Perfect escape in Maldives

Did you ever dream of going to a destination that you had as a Desktop wallpaper for a long time?! Well, I have, many times! I will now try to describe in words a place that was like a dream come true for me, that literally left me speechless, and that doesn’t happen very often. 🙂 It may sound like a cliché, but if heaven was somewhere out there, I believe The Maldives would definitely be a part of it. It is definitely amongst the best choices, in my opinion, for an unforgettable vacation in the middle of the Indian Ocean, on one of the almost 1200 islands that form The Republic of Maldives.

We flew from Dubai to Male, the capital of The Maldives, which was a 4-hour flight, a route that is sometimes with turbulences, due to the strong winds, but we were lucky to have quite a smooth flight. It was early morning when we started to see from our airplane window, sand banks and coral reefs, scattered in the turquoise water for as far as the eye could see. During the descent, you have the impression that you are landing on water, because the plane gets very close to touchdown when you only start to see the runway of the airport. We took a seaplane to reach our stunning-isolated-in the middle of the ocean island, because it was something that I had always wanted to try. We paid for it around 700 $ (return for both of us), but the price is not fixed, it depends on the company and the distance to the resort. There is another way to reach your island, and that is by high-speed boat, which is much more affordable than with the seaplane and it takes a bit longer. So, for us, it was a 30 minutes bumpy ride, with beautiful views over the atolls, in different sizes and shapes, which we really enjoyed because we were quite close to the water and we could see very well the islands and the resorts. It’s such a unique experience, especially the last part when you actually land on water. Oh, the excitement!

We choose Vakarufalhi Island Resort (www.vakarufalhi.com), located in the South Ari Atoll, where we had one of the best stays of our lives, 90 km into the middle of the ocean, away from the world and any form of civilization. We stayed 4 nights in a spacious gorgeous Water Villa, with the view of the clear blue water everywhere you looked. The sound of the waves at night, the tropical sanctuary that the island is and the attention to details of the staff, along with their professionalism, made us feel welcomed and very satisfied. Our days were filled with relaxation and happiness, we did snorkeling, sunbathing, swam in the ocean and watched breathtaking sunsets every evening.
TIP: Be very careful while sunbathing, because the sun is very strong and you can get burnt in a very short period of time. I am talking from my own experience. 🙂

The resort has a PADI certified diving center, so we decided to try it out, being our first time underwater. We were very well taken care of by a professional German diver and our experience was unforgettable. We went 12 m underwater and saw the most amazing sea life, in different colors and shapes. To explore the beauty of the house reef, the resort provides daily diving and night diving excursions. From January till the end of March, there are visits to Manta points which are made several times a week. From the month of September until December, there is a good chance of seeing whale sharks in the area.
In fewer words, our overall experience was out of this world, we would love to go again soon, hopefully we can include The Maldives in our 6 months trip around Asia. Here are some more pictures of paradise.

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